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Interested in making your own candles? We can help. Online Labels UK offers a variety of blank candle labels on A4 size sheets. Choose from over 26 label materials (including clear, colour, and even fluorescent) that best accent the shape and color of your candle or candle jar. Start personalising your candles today!

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A4 Circle Candle Labels

These round labels are perfect for labeling the top of a candle jar or tin but can also be used to label the face of the jar with a logo and the bottom of the jar as a warning label.

A4 Oval Candle Labels

Oval labels add a unique appearance to your candle jars and tins. Place these labels horizontally or vertically on your container.

A4 Square Candle Labels

These square labels are great for labeling the face of your candle jar or square candle tins.

A4 Rectangle Candle Labels

Rectangle labels are great for adding a logo and wrapping around your candle jars. These labels are often wrapped around the midsection of the jar.

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