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How to Create Mail Merge Labels in Word 2003-2019 & Office 365

Maestro Label Designer is an online design program created exclusively for customers. It includes templates for every label size and configuration we offer, in addition to a suite of tools and features like mail merge. Follow the summarised steps below to begin a mail merge using Maestro Label Designer.

How To Print Labels: A Comprehensive Guide - Online Labels

Online Labels. Published Jun 19 • Updated Jun 20 Blank label sheets give everyone the opportunity to create high-quality labels from their home or office. But if you want to make your production value look even higher, read through this comprehensive guide.

How to Apply Labels - Online Labels

Online Labels. Published Mar 8 • Updated Mar 8 Designing the perfect label is only part of the process. The quality of your label application can make or break your product. Consider the difference between a candle jar with a creased, crooked label and a centered, straight, smooth one.

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Design Help - Help Centre - Online Labels

Frequently asked questions for Design Help at Online Labels

Printing Multiple Designs or Partial Sheets - Online Labels

Printing Multiple Designs or Partial Sheets If you want to make the most of each sheet by printing various designs, we want to help. The following instructions outline how to print multiple designs on one sheet of labels and how to intentionally leave some blank if you don't want to use the whole sheet.

Creating an Account & Log In - Online Labels

Creating an Account & Log In To log in to Maestro Label Designer, you'll need to know the email and password associated with your Online Labels account. Don't have an account or unsure where to log in? The steps below will walk you through how to do both. They'll also explain how to skip sign in and launch the free trial version.

How to Test Print Your Label Designs - Online Labels

Clear labels work best on clear or light-coloured products/packaging, for example. You'll know right away if your label material works with the characteristics of your packaging. Triple check that you chose the right size and shape labels. You don't want your labels to hang off the side of your product or for it too look too small on the packaging.

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