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Rectangular Labels with Rounded Corners

Create the perfect label for your project with these rounded corner rectangle labels in weatherproof matt white inkjet.

Rectangular Labels with Square Corners

Accentuate your design or container with these weatherproof matt white inkjet, squared corner labels.

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Circular Labels and Oval Labels

Impress customers, recipients, and friends with these round, weatherproof matt white inkjet labels.

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Heavy-Duty White Labels for Inkjet Printers

Our weatherproof matt white inkjet material is ideal for applications that may come into contact with moisture. It utilises a waterfast inkjet coating that is designed to repel water and a strong, permanent adhesive.

Labeling bath and body or food and beverage products? Our inkjet-printable waterproof labels are perfect for the job. They work by encapsulating ink into a specially formulated top-coat. This is great for light-to-moderate exposure to liquids and moisture – like sitting by the sink, in the fridge, and more.

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