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Bath Salts

Bath Salts - Label Ideas

by Tarn Nemorensis

Bramble & Bone were launching their first line of Bath Salts for aromatherapy and skin care uses! They wanted something that matched with the rest of their brand- Old Style Apothecary meets slick gold labels. One of the main attractions of the bath salts were their bright colours, so the true focus needed to be on that!

How was this label used?

The Gold Sticker were printed up with the relevant information- the front describing the name of the product, and the back has all of the necessary cosmetic legal information. The stickers were intentionally small to show of the eco-friendly glass packaging as well as the colours of the salts inside!<br/>Each sticker featured old fashioned font type, as well as patterned border, which allowed the old style apothecary vibe to come through, while still keeping the label itself clean. <br/><br/>The labels themselves were used as part of the product design- necessary for all of the information, whilst needing to look stylish!

Useful tips for this project

Using the maestro label maker, the patterned border design was created over the edge of the bleed line. This means that every sticker sheet always has patterned gold sticker 'left overs' on the sheet, which are then cut up and reused to create a sealed 'tamper proof' sticker. It's a great way to get the most out of the sticker sheet, and adds a nice finished touch to the product!