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Overstock Labels

Here you'll find some great deals on all of our overstocked items.
We carry the largest selection of ready-to-ship blank labels in the world, which also means we maintain the largest inventory. Unfortunately, there just isn't always enough space. Consider this your last chance to find some top-quality labels at significantly discounted prices!

Here you'll find some fantastic deals for some of our products. These items have significantly discounted prices because they fall into one of three categories:

  • Surplus Items - These products are in new condition, but we just don’t have enough space for them.
  • Exclusive Shape Closeouts - Sometimes we have extra items from special or custom orders. Instead of holding on to them, we like to share them with customers at drastically reduced prices. Note: These items are one-time deals. They can be reordered later, but the price will reflect our normal custom order pricing.
  • Off-Quality Items - We’re perfectionists. Inevitably, some products fall short of our high quality standards. But these slightly imperfect items are still attractive and usable, so we offer them here for exceptionally reduced prices.