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Maestro Label Designer® comes preloaded with everything you could need to produce high-quality bespoke labels. Click on the topics below to learn more about the incredible functionality within our free online design program.

Built for You

Logo of Peterbrooke Chocolatier

Kevin Wray

Peterbrooke Chocolatier

"The desiging program is fantastic. We can quickly put together something that looks professional, with not a lot of skill in that area... OnlineLabels made it really easy for us to do... and it gave us some really great results."

Logo of Hayne's Apothecary

Stephanie Haynes

Hayne's Apothecary

"Maestro's wonderful templates provide labelling solutions for small businesses like mine that aren't ready to take the next step up to professionally printed labels. That said, the online designer is so easy to use and personalise that my labels come out looking professional every time, and that label appeal has helped grow my business exponentially. I can't say enough great things about this incredibly helpful tool."

Logo of Grando Cioccolato

Nancy Grando

Grando Cioccolato

"Maestro Labels software is one of the most professional programs that I've ever used! I love the options, organization and ability to create layouts for my labels! Thank you for your ongoing support!"

Where to Find Your Activation Code

View your code on your order confirmation screen.

Order Confirmation Screen

Use your activation code immediately after purchasing.

View your code on your order confirmation email.

Order Confirmation Email

Save your confirmation email and activate your account when you're ready.

View your code on your order packing slip.

Order Packing Slip

Find a physical version of your code printed on the packing slip included with your order.

Check out more places you can find your activation code or read our tutorial on activating your account.

My activation code period ended. Now what?

To continue using Maestro Label Designer after your activation has expired, make a new label purchase. If you have leftover labels and need a temporary extension, enter your email address and we'll review your account to see if you qualify.

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