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Blackbird Cottage Foods' Range of Delicious Pâtés

Blackbird Cottage Foods' Range of Delicious Pâtés - Label Ideas

by Ruth Capocci

I produce hand-crafted terrines, pâtés, rillettes and smoked fish pâtés which I sell at Farmers' Markets and in delicatessens in Norfolk and London.

How was this label used?

I use only waterproof laser-printed labels for all my products as they are suitable for freezing and have to be kept refrigerated so it's important that the inks do not run or smudge.

Useful tips for this project

I would always use waterproof labels for any kind of products like mine, but my main tip would be to always print out a version of the sheet label on ordinary typing paper first, hold it over the label sheet you're going to print on to make sure it is in registration then print. It saves a lot of frustration and tears!