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Flaming Thistle Candle and Melts Range

Flaming Thistle Candle and Melts Range - Label Ideas

by Micki Stuart

Flaming Thistle sells high quality candles and wax melts. Our scent range now includes 25 different fragrances including Violet Sweetie, smells like the popular Parma Violet sweets and Clothes Line, the fresh scent of washing hanging on the line. All our products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and we carry out monthly in house testing to make sure you get the best smelling candles and melts possible.

How was this label used?

Branding is highly important to us and our business so we print all our labels and even our packing labels on various sized sticker paper from Online Labels using their easy to use Maestro Label Designer.<br/>When using the designer it was simple to include our own logo and to make sure all the safety diagrams were just the right size.