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Honey Jar Labels

Honey Jar Labels - Label Ideas

by Jeff Calvert

To create simple but effective labels for my honey jars which show off the honey with an eye-catching label. Printed using a Canon inkjet IP8700 printer. The creative process used Serif Page Plus to design and author the labels, making sure all the legal requirements of weight, origin etc were included. The labels print beautifully and attach easily, and are just right for the 12 /340g honey jar which is commonly used. Thank you online labels for this solution. Next order soon!

How was this label used?

The labels are placed on the honey jar post filling with honey. They peel off the backing easily, and stick really well. The glossy white label I used produces excellent contrast with both black and white and colour detail and looks very professional.

Useful tips for this project

Create a single label in your chosen software first. Then print and using measurements group 10 labels together and print on plain A4 paper. Hold his against the label paper and hold up to a bright light ( window or lamp) to see how well the print lines up with the label cut lines on the online label sheet. Adjust your labels in the software, re-print and check again. This saves printing poorly aligned labels on the label paper.<br/>Keep designs simple, easily readable, use S P A C E to emphasise. Stretching text vertically can sometimes produce eye-catching effects. Make sure the label is READABLE from a distance!<br/>Enjoy your own creations...