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Labels on A4 Sheets

Find the blank label size you need from our extensive selection below.

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How To Find The Label Size You Need

Finding the correct label measurements can be easier with some containers than others. Here's how to determine the required dimensions for surfaces that are curved, rounded, or cylindrical:

  1. Open our printable ruler. Using a measuring device that bends, curves, and wraps with your object will make finding the exact size much easier.
  2. Print and cut the printable ruler. Make sure your PDF viewer has the "Actual Size" box checked and that "Page Scaling" is set to none. This will make sure your printable ruler is giving you accurate measurements.
  3. Wrap the ruler around your item, container, or object. If you want a full-wrap label, we recommend adding 6.35mm to your measurement to create some overlap.
  4. Adjust the sliders and filters above or enter the exact measurements you need.
  5. Order your labels, print them using your home or office printer, and apply.

Can't find the label size you need? Order a bespoke label or browse configurations created by other customers.