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Standard White Direct Thermal Labels

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Create on-demand prints with permanent white matt direct thermal labels.
Streamline your business' shipping and inventory processes with blank direct thermal roll labels on 25mm and 76mm cores.
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White Matt Direct Thermal Material Features

Our direct thermal roll labels feature a smooth, bright white paper facesheet with a high-sensitivity thermal coating. The chemically treated material blackens when the thermal print-head applies heat to its surface, creating your image. They're designed for use with low-voltage printheads to minimise wear and are ideal for use with high-speed direct thermal printers.

Our white matt material is backed with an all-temperature adhesive developed to provide excellent cold temperature performance. They're popular in the barcode labelling sector and can be commonly used as shipping labels, receipt labels, receipts, and name tag labels. Our selection of direct thermal labels is available in popular sizes on 25mm and 76mm cores.