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Weatherproof Gloss Laser Labels

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Protect against water, weather, and oil with our highly durable white gloss labels.
Avoid scuffs, tears, and smudges with labels and adhesive that are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. View Material Details
Weatherproof Gloss Laser Labels (GL) - Technical Material Details
Our weatherproof gloss laser label material is ideal for labelling applications where high durability is important or a waterproof label is required. This material features a white glossy facesheet with an extra-strong adhesive. It doesn’t easily tear and is designed for laser printers.
Facestock Weight: 72 gsm ± 10%
Facestock Caliper: 55 µ ± 10%
Liner Weight: 100 gsm ± 10%
Liner Caliper: 89 µ ± 10%
Total Caliper: 144 µ ± 10%
Min. Application Temperature: +5° C
Once applied, will withstand: -20° C to +80° C temperatures
This image features EU30091 , EU30133
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Weatherproof A4 Gloss Labels for Laser Printers

Our weatherproof white gloss laser labels provide ultra-durability. They can withstand direct contact with moisture and repel everything from water to oil and chemicals. This premium quality makes them ideal for upscale, professional product labelling. The bright white facesheet is designed to make colours stand out on the page, catch light from overhead, and grab the attention of passersby.

Weatherproof label uses: