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Home Label Templates Blank Label Templates EU30044 - 70mm x 38.1mm Blank Label Template

EU30044 - 70mm x 38.1mm Blank Label Template

Quick Specifications (detailed specs)

Sheet Size: A4
Label Size: 70mm x 38.071428571mm
Labels Per Sheet: 21

Template Specifications

Description: EU30044 - 70mm x 38.1mm template provided free to customers of Online Labels.
Notes: EU30044 has a layout or shape that is not fully supported by . Due to this reason, this product may be difficult to format if you do not have past experience or expertise formatting labels in .
Sheet Size: A4 Labels Per Sheet: 21
Width: 38.071428571 mm Height: 70 mm
Top Margin: 15.25 mm Bottom Margin: 15.25 mm
Left Margin: 0 mm Right Margin: 0 mm
Horizontal Spacing: 0 mm Vertical Spacing: 0 mm
Horizontal Pitch: 38.0714 mm Vertical Pitch: 70 mm
Common Uses: Rectangle Labels, Address Labels