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Amazon FBA Labels

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Start selling via Fulfillment by Amazon® (FBA) with these optimised-for-FBA label options on A4 size sheets.
Create labels compatible with Amazon's barcode, shipping, and packaging requirements using these affordable labels.
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How to Label Products & Packages for Amazon FBA

Amazon uses barcodes to process and track your inventory throughout the buying cycle. The following tips and tricks will help you pack, distribute, and shop faster so you can conquer Amazon FBA.

  • Decide which labelling option is better for your business, doing it yourself or paying a per-item fee for Amazon's FBA Label Service.
  • Order removable labels for the inventory-specific barcodes.
  • Print your labels using a laser or direct thermal printer.
  • Apply product barcodes avoiding creases, curves, corners, seams, or flaps.
  • Include "Sold As Set" labels if your product contains multiple pieces.
  • Add a "Ready To Ship" label if your product is already packaged for consumers.
  • Protect your customers with suffocation warning labels on any poly-bagged items.
  • Call attention to expiration dates of perishable products.
  • Warn Amazon employees if your packages are are 50+ or 100+ pounds with "Team Lift" and "Mech Lift" labels.
  • Try our weatherproof materials with FBA shipping labels for extra durability during transit.
  • Cover up old barcodes and dispatching marks with opaque blockout labels.