RC = Round Corner
SC = Square Corner
A4CD / DVD Rom A410mm x 10mm Circle A413mm Circle A419mm Circle A420mm x 25mm RC A424mm x 22mm RC A425mm Circle A430mm x 15mm RC A437mm Circle A438.1mm x 21.2mm RC A440mm x 30mm Oval A440mm x 52mm RC A442mm x 25mm RC A445.7mm x 25.5mm RC A446mm x 11mm RC A448.9mm x 29.6mm RC A450mm x 145mm SC A451mm Circle A460mm x 25mm RC A460mm x 34mm Oval A460mm x 130mm RC A463.5mm x 33.9mm RC A463.5mm x 38.1mm RC A463.5mm x 46.6mm RC A463.5mm Circle A463.5mm x 72mm RC A465mm x 90mm RC A465mm x 100mm RC A470mm x 29.7mm SC A470mm x 35mm SC A470mm x 37mm SC A470mm x 38.1mm SC A470mm x 42.3mm SC A470mm x 50mm SC A472mm x 21.1mm RC A475mm x 50mm RC A480mm x 30mm RC A480mm x 60mm RC A482mm x 82mm Circle A483mm x 53mm RC A488mm Circle A488.9mm x 50.8mm SC A490mm x 55mm RC A490mm x 136mm Oval A499.1mm x 33.9mm RC A499.1mm x 38.1mm RC A499.1mm x 42mm RC A499.1mm x 57.3mm RC A499.1mm x 67.7mm RC A499.1mm x 93.1mm RC A499.1mm x 139mm RC A4100mm x 80mm RC A4105mm x 35mm SC A4105mm x 37mm SC A4105mm x 42.5mm SC A4105mm x 49.5mm SC A4105mm x 59mm SC A4105mm x 74mm SC A4105mm x 99mm SC A4105mm x 148.5mm SC A4117mm x 117mm CD Labels A4117mm x 117mm CD Labels A4120mm x 120mm RC A4125mm x 37mm RC A4140mm x 40mm RC A4140mm x 90mm RC A4140mm x 115mm RC A4144mm x 23mm RC A4145mm x 17mm RC A4163mm x 25mm RC A4170mm x 140mm RC A4177mm x 94mm RC A4180mm x 50mm RC A4180mm x 195mm RC A4190mm x 16mm RC A4190mm x 36mm SC A4194mm x 14.8mm SC A4199.6mm x 143.5mm RC A4199.6mm x 289.1mm RC A4200mm x 60mm RC A4205mm x 70mm RC A4210mm x 74mm SC A4210mm x 99mm SC A4210mm x 148.5mm SC A4210mm x 289mm SC A4210mm x 297mm SC Show All Sizes
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Online Labels Ltd. is a UK-based label company that offers blank A4 inkjet and laser printable labels. Choose from a variety of self-adhesive label materials to completely customise your label design. In addition to blank inkjet and laser labels, we also offer state-of-the-art label design software (Maestro Label Designer) and free blank label templates and pre-designed label templates.