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Finding the Right Label Size

Updated 10/29/2020
Instructions on finding the right label size for your surface, object, or product

Stuck trying to figure out the right label size for your round or curved package? You may have noticed that a standard ruler is more struggle than it's worth. Perhaps you turned to a tape measure, only those don't bend and form to the curves of your container either. Enter our printable ruler, a useful tool for measuring items that are straight, round, angular, or almost any other shape. Unlike a standard ruler, it wraps around items with ease and gives very little resistance because of its thin, flexible material. It will help ensure you buy the right size labels for your bottles, jars, and tubes. Here's how to get started measuring curved objects with our printable ruler.

Photos may not accurately reflect the ruler and unit of measurement specific to your country.

Step 1: Download, print, and cut out the printable ruler

cut and print the ruler

Download the printable ruler. In the print dialogue box, make sure the "Auto Rotate and Centre" option is unchecked and that "Actual Size" is selected or "Page Scaling" is set to 100%. Once it's printed, cut the ruler exactly to size to get accurate numbers.

Step 2: Measure your item

measure your product

If you're measuring a round item, wrap the ruler around it. An item receiving a full wrap should generally have some overlap on the label. We recommend measuring with a 1cm overlap. For items with angles, try taping the ruler to the item to hold it in place while you wrap the rest.

Step 3: Pick the right size label

choose the right label size

Once you have your measurements, adjust the slider on the Shop by Size page, enter size ranges in the two height and width boxes, or use exact measurements with the "Enter an exact size" button. If you can't find a label size for your product, we offer bespoke label sizes. You can search existing orders or request your own.

Be careful when entering or searching for sizes — our labels are measured in millimetres.

Step 4: Apply your label for a perfect fit

apply your label

Once you've completed your order and the labels have arrived, it's time to apply them! We recommend always washing your hands before beginning the application process. Your hands' natural oils can affect the stickiness of the adhesive and/or leave a mark on the face of your label. It's a good idea to clean your packaging, too. The best way to apply to label to your surface without risking creasing or bubbles, is to lay the container between your legs for your support. This leaves your hands free for application and ensures your bottle won't roll around on the table during the process. It's best to start adding pressure to the centre of label and move your fingers out toward the ends.

Enjoy how nicely your label fits on your product!

Choosing the right label size is easy when you have the right tools. Grab the printable ruler and get measuring, today! Need assistance? Get in touch with our customer service team at 0203 051 9664.

Measurements taken with this tool must be treated as estimates only.

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