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Holiday-ify Your Product Packaging

Updated 11/05/2020
Decorate your packaging for the holidays

Stand out from hundreds of other brands this time of year with festive packaging that catches the eye. Seasonal packaging can help with brand humanisation, personalisation, and make gifting your products easier on your customers.

Keep reading to discover four easy ways you can add a little holiday sparkle to your products and packaging.

Packing tape or twine

Use holiday packing tape to send the holiday spirit home with your customers

One of the most expensive elements of custom packaging is printed boxes – especially since seasonal designs like those for Christmas are mostly limited to 1-2 months. Holiday-themed packing tape or twine, on the other hand, are low-cost seasonal alternatives that creatively liven up your boxes or mailers.

Pro-tip: Packing tape is an essential part of your order dispatch station, so it's an easy investment for future years as well.

Personalised packaging inserts

Add personalised holiday messages into your shipments and bags/boxes with printable cardstock inserts

Take a minute to connect with your customers on a personal level during this busy sales season with packaging inserts. Personalised notes, holiday photos of your team, or a little add-on that's true to your brand can speak volumes about your company.

These ideas may sound simple, but personal moments serve as valuable customer touch-points. In a world of impersonal online sales, actions like this humanise your brand.

Packaging stickers

Create homemade stickers for your holiday packaging

A great way to add some holiday cheer without making costly changes is with packaging stickers. If you're already using stickers to draw attention to your social handles or thank customers for their purchase, include the seasonal flair there!

Pro-tip: Choose an elegant holiday design or go with something light and Santa-inspired, you can make anything in Maestro Label Designer. Check out Christmas packaging inspiration or jump right into our holiday label templates to get started.

Marketing efforts

Try a holiday-centric marketing strategy around the month of December to get new customers

Big brands get really into the holiday season, debuting a wide range of holiday-inspired packaging and marketing efforts.

You too can get it on the action. Create a dedicated hashtag for your holiday packaging to maximise your investment. Incentivise customers to share images or videos of your holiday packaging with a branded, seasonal hashtag. This creates some digital buzz around your brand at no extra cost!

Feel inspired and empowered to make a statement with affordable DIY labels. When something comes up that rings true for your brand, Online Labels makes it easy to stand out!

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