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5 Neon Product Labels So Bright You Need Shades

Updated 07/23/2020
Examples of product packaging printed on neon labels/fluorescent label paper

Consumers are inundated with branding every where they look. What better way to cut through the noise than with stand-out, in-your-face fluorescent product labels.

Take a page from the playbook of these bold brands and see how you can use neon/fluorescent labels to amp up your product packaging.

Neon Energy Drink Can Labels

Neon labels wrapped around aluminum energy drink cans Label/Photo Credit: The Dieline

These neon can labels were designed to stand out in the fridge. They're more attention-grabbing than your standard beer can, and even other energy drink brands, drawing consumers in right away.

Get this look:

Fluorescent Wine Bottle Label

Black glass wine bottle label with a neon yellow product label Label/Photo Credit: Wooden Horse

This captivating label design was submitted to a label design contest on 99designs for Dancing Bee Winery. The brand needed a new label for its wine that conveyed decadence and sweetness. We think the rich colour of the neon wine bottle label certainly screams indulgent!

Get this look:

Neon Coffee Bag Labels

Brown paper coffee bags sealed with neon product labels in various colours to distinguish different flavors/brews Label/Photo Credit: Dogwood Coffee

It's not often coffee brands go for something loud and crazy, but sometimes that's the best time to break the mold.

The product description for these beans reads, "this blend is bright and glows with sweetness." The intensely coloured product labels Dogwood uses on their bags definitely drives that point home.

Get this look:

Fluorescent Beer Bottle Labels

Beer growlers with neon labels and a black negative-space design Label/Photo Credit: Rudi de Wet, Soft Focus Media

These craft beer labels were created as party favors for Maven Agency's rebrand launch party. The fun font and label design pairs perfectly with the neon label and colourful names of each brew. To top it off, the neon pokes through the negative space of the beer jug label design creating a truly unique look.

Get this look:

Neon Umbrella Tube Labels

Black tubes to hold umbrellas with neon-coloured product labels Label/Photo Credit: Jamie Milestone,

"We wanted people to be intrigued as to who/what London Undercover was and forced to find out what was inside," said designer Jamie Milestone. Neon product labels undoubtedly captured consumer eyes and likely made a lasting impression!

Get this look:

Looking to try neon labels for your business? Check out our full collection of fluorescent labels to view each vibrant colour we offer.

Be sure to take design tips from these trend-setting brands, too. Each of their product labels feature black text without many other colours. It keeps the label design clean and means you don't need a white ink underlay.

You'll also notice several of the companies used different colour labels to represent alternative flavors in their product line. This is a popular labelling tactic to help with consumer recall and association.

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