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Why You Shouldn't Pay Retail Prices For Labels

Updated 10/29/2020
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Dispatch and delivery are critical to your business, but the time you spend on the process is excessive. You don't want to take time out of your work day to do it, so you decide to tackle the tall task during your lunch. There's only one problem, so does everyone else.

You need to visit your local office supply store to get labels, find the right size for your envelope or parcel, and manage to pay in under 30 minutes so you can spend the rest of your 1-hour fighting traffic to get back.

Forget that hassle! There's a better way. Regain those lost hours and put them to better use with this easy change.

Don't Limit Yourself to Retail's Weak Selection

Regular office supply stores may have two or three size options, along with the same number of colors and materials. These stores just don't have the shelf space to stock much more than the most basic of labels.

The selection is also limited to standard quantities. Small print jobs probably won't require the whole box, tying up valuable cash until the next printing run. Large print jobs may require more labels than the store has, which could interrupt your job until the retailer can receive another delivery and restock.

A Better Way to Buy Labels

Online Labels UK sells to customers both large and small directly from the comfort of your computer. Anyone can shop its vast inventory and order the quantity that suits them.

Before, only large companies could cut out the middleman, getting their product straight from the manufacturer. Meaning, only they had access to less expensive prices and more customised service. Online Labels UK levels the playing field. Ordering from Online Labels UK offers every business from one-person operations and mid-sized corporations to multi-national entities the same freedoms and flexibility.

Instead of the handful of styles carried locally by resellers, every business can choose from thousands of sizes, shapes, and materials. Programs like Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) are no longer an issue. Online Labels UK has the label sizes they require and even some pre-designed templates to make the process easier. In addition, we carry labels that are dispatch-ready for all carriers.

Need labels for your products? Online Labels UK can help with that, too. Among the hundreds of sizes and shapes available online, there's something to fit any type of product or package. If the right label doesn't exist yet, it can even be made.

How it Works

Order any quantity, from one sheet to a million. Although, the more you order, the better the savings. Not only that, special design software for each label size and shape comes complimentary with every order. Great looking labels are no longer out of reach. Start with a blank template or choose from tons of pre-designed templates you didn’t have to pay expensive design fees to get.

Once an order is placed, the turnaround time is quick. Most orders are dispatched the same day they're placed. Plus, all standard orders are backed by a 'No Hassle' guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your order, we'll work with you to get the right product at your doorstep.

Labels don’t get any easier than this, just Click. Print. Stick.

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