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Streamline Your Shipping With Labels

Updated 11/05/2020

If you are shipping in large quantities, it may be time to start considering label use. Labels can make your life easier, provide better results, and help elevate the perception of your brand. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Labels Save Time

Using shipping labels is as easy as peeling and sticking. You can eliminate the time it takes to cut your label out, tear your tape, and apply multiple pieces for guaranteed coverage. We offer a variety of shipping label sheets that can save you a ton of time, especially if you're shipping multiple packages daily. We offer full sheet labels and various sizes compatible with several parcel service formats. And with print-at-home shipping labels, you can print all of your labels at the same time or as you need them. Either way, you can put the tape away and never look back.

2. Labels = Increased Durability

One of the major issues with taping paper to packages is how vulnerable the label becomes to heavy handling and weather. Your parcels get passed between many hands and conditions. It's common for these labels to become damaged and thereby undeliverable. If your barcode can't be scanned or an address can't be read, you can expect your parcel to be returned. This can be a huge pain for your customers as delivery becomes delayed. It also means you have to thdo the work twice.

Labels Look Professional

If you're trying to make your company look much more professional — as any business owner should — tape is not the way to do it. Taping down your postage is messy and overall unprofessional. Using a proper label to stick on your packaging is a small way you can give your business credibility when shipping packages.

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