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3 Ways Labels Can Improve Your Real Estate Business

Updated 10/29/2020
Affordable ways you can better brand your real estate business

It's time to get creative as a realtor. Labels can, in several ways, boost your company's sales and following. They can be used to reinforce your brand and provide contact information. They can even improve your open houses in fun and interesting ways! This article discusses easy ways labels can improve your real estate business. Here's how:

Water Bottle Labels

real estate water bottle labels

Providing refreshments during your open houses is probably second nature to you by now. Anyone in the industry will tell you that fresh baked cookies are a must. But did you consider the branding opportunity that comes with making custom water bottles? Add your contact information to the bottle labels so they have it when they get home and help increase brand awareness all the same.

Real Estate Return Address Labels

real estate address labels

Your mail has two goals: get to your recipient and be opened. While most people take those two things for granted, we understand that sometimes the latter is a little more difficult than anticipated. But don't underestimate the power of a well-made address label. Eye-catching address labels are a powerful tool for any real estate agent or direct mail marketer and can help your promotional mail stay out of your target's trash cans. They range from simple with a name and address to ornate with graphics and designs. They're an easy tool to adopt and a necessity for the industry. Not to mention they save time! Stop handwriting your return address on every envelope you need to drop in the mail. Print them all at once and have a stack on hand when you need them!

If you want to design your own real estate return address template, make sure to incorporate colour. It will help draw more attention to your piece of mail, increase brand recognition, look more professional, and add personality.

Congratulatory Wine and Champagne Bottle Labels

wine real estate label

Just because the sale is over doesn't mean your job is done. Give personalised wine bottles and mini liquor bottles after closing a deal to stay top of mind and leave a good, lasting impression. It's a simple gesture that lets your clients know that you appreciate their business. Plus, it helps your chances of getting referrals and 5-star reviews!

Use labels to take your real estate company to the next level. Get started designing your labels today with Maestro Label Designer. Questions? Call us at 0203 051 9664.

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