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Using Our A4 Printable Ruler

Updated 01/30/2018
Holding printable, paper ruler over bottle for ways to measure curved containers

If you need a quick solution to measuring your containers, surfaces, or something else, we've provided this free tool for anyone with a printer to enjoy. Even if you have a printer around, you should consider downloading this tool. Whether you need a flexible ruler to measure round containers or just don't want to be bothered finding your old ruler, this tool takes seconds to download and can be a huge help. So, before you guess which label size you need, try out the printable ruler!

Download the A4 ruler now!

You'll find print instructions on the ruler PDF. After successfully printing, cut around the blue outline of the ruler. Make sure you cut as accurately as you can to improve your measurement.

Next, measure your item. If it's a round container, you can wrap the ruler around to get the circumference. Be sure to start and end measuring at the red lines. For an item receiving a full wrap, we recommend accounting for overlap on the label. Most of the time, a centimeter overlap is perfect.

If you are having difficulties holding the ruler down to measure an item with an angle, try taping it down while you finish measuring.

Now's the fun part! When you have your dimensions, visit "Shop by Size" and adjust the slider to find your label size. You can also enter exact dimensions by choosing the option.

Some things to consider:

  • Each centimeter is 10 millimeters
  • Be sure to convert your measurement over to millimeters before searching for your labels on our site.
  • For example: 15.6cm = 156mm.

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