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Make Your Garden Pop with Plant Marker Labels

Updated 11/09/2020
Garden ID Labels

For a long time, plant markers have mainly served one function, identifying plants. Sure, no one wants to mistake a Queen Anne's Lace for a Cow Parsnip, but your plant markers can be so much more! Here are some ways you can make the most out of your garden with labels.

Use Plant Labels as Reminders

Instructional Garden ID Labels

How much water does an Angel’s Trumpet need? Do Hybrid Tea Roses need that much sunlight? It can be easy to forget the answers to some of these questions when your yard is beginning to look like a botanical garden. Luckily, plant markers provide a visually appealing way for you and your guests to enjoy some key facts about your garden!

Remind yourself how to properly care for every one of your plants. Watering and sunlight instructions are popular choices, but a picture of the plant and its average adult size can help you see if your plant is growing strong. From colour-coding them to designating how much water they need, printing instructions or including pictures for reference can help you save you time and help you grow a healthy garden.

Turn Your Garden into a Conversation Piece

Fun Fact Garden ID Labels

Plant markers can really make your garden an attraction for friends. Include interesting information that guests will love to read. Did you know that squeezing the ends of a snapdragon will cause it to look like a dragon's mouth opening and closing? Neither did we! The stories behind naming and country of origin are easy to find and fun to read. We're not saying you should charge admission, but an extraordinary garden can easily become a fantastic conversation piece.

Whether you decide to label a pot or a plant in the soil, Online Labels has many popular sizes to choose from. Check out our most popular garden marker sizes and then get started designing with Maestro Label Designer. Find a design that matches your garden's personality or make your own. All that's left is to print them out and place them alongside your pride and joy!

Not sure which label material will get the job done? Our weatherproof/waterproof materials are a must. They'll hold up flawlessly to the moisture that comes with proper plant care.

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