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Rectangular Labels with Rounded Corners

Create the perfect label for your project with these rounded corner rectangle labels in aggressive matt white.

Rectangular Labels with Square Corners

Accentuate your design or container with these aggressive matt white, squared corner labels.

Circular Labels and Oval Labels

Impress customers, recipients, and friends with these round, aggressive matt white labels.

CD / DVD Labels

Add a personal touch to your CDs and DVDs with these blank aggressive matt white labels.

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Heavy-Duty White A4 Labels for Laser & Inkjet Printers

Our aggressive matt white label material features an uncoated white facestock with our aggressive, all-temperature adhesive. The bright white, non-glossy label complements full-colour designs and stands out against boxes, containers, and products. It's compatible with both inkjet and laser printers, giving you the utmost flexibility with your printing processes.

Its highly-durable adhesive is stronger than our standard permanent options, making it better suited for hard-to-stick materials and containers. It can be applied to most surfaces and withstand extreme temperatures. While the adhesive is more powerful, our weatherproof / waterproof labels may be a better option if being used in a moisture-rich or wet environment.

Extra-durable matt white labels are popular for the following applications:

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Cold surfaces
  • Low-temperature weather
  • Textured materials
  • Tightly curved containers
  • Product identification labels

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Aggressive Matt White Labels (AT) - Technical Material Details

Our aggressive matt white label material is a super sticky version of our standard matt white material. It offers an aggressive, permanent adhesive capable of fastening to tricky surfaces such as corrugated boxes. It consists of an uncoated, paper-based facesheet and can be used with inkjet or laser printers.
Facestock Weight: 71 gsm ± 10%
Facestock Caliper: 85 µ ± 10%
Liner Weight: 76 gsm ± 10%
Liner Caliper: 71 µ ± 10%
Total Caliper: 156 µ ± 10%
Min. Application Temperature: 0° C
Once applied, will withstand: -20° C to +80° C temperatures