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Matt Clear Inkjet

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Add a sophisticated look to your products with matt clear labels.
Print full-colour designs on a frosted label using your inkjet printer to create packaging that pops. Looking for matt clear laser labels?
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Matt Clear Labels: Uses & Features

Our matt clear inkjet-printable label material is a popular option for its versatility. Coupled with high-quality products and materials, matt clear labels can add a luxurious feel. That perception reigns true for matt clear labels used with invitations and upscale products and services as well. Think of our matt frosted label applied to a black background – it appears more wintery and formal than perhaps a glossy label would.

On the other hand, when paired with a pastel background, one is inclined to bring up associations of springtime and happiness. Consider using matt clear in this way for products that are warm and inviting such as cards, desserts, or children's toys.

And yet, matt labels can also be associated with organic, Earthy products. Their frosted appearance (versus the artificial shine of gloss labels) can be appealing to brands that wish to give their products a natural or unpolished look. You may see this a lot with organic food labels.

Overall, our matt clear labels for inkjet printers exude sophistication and add a touch of class to any product or project. The permanent adhesive will stick to most product materials including metal, plastic, and glass so you can use them as needed. Shop all clear labels for inkjet/laser printers.