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Tapered Label Generator

If a standard label isn't laying flat on your container, your object may be tapered. Learn more about tapered labels, then use our free tapered label generator to create a bespoke label for your container. Enter your dimensions into the tool below and we will generate a label perfectly sized to the curvature of your container.

Please note: The image generated by the tool below is for conical objects only. Irregular tapers and containers with necks may not be accurately represented.

Home Business Tools Tapered Label Generator

After Generating Your Template

Test It Out

  1. Download your tapered label template.
  2. Print your label on a blank piece of printer paper.
    Note: Some PDF viewers may scale your design when printing. Be sure to select "Actual Size" or uncheck "Fit to Page" for best results.
  3. Cut out your shape and test it against your container.
  4. If it fits correctly, submit your specs and receive your bespoke label quote. If it needs fine-tuning, adjust the numbers above and generate a new bespoke tapered label template.

Order Your Labels

  1. Submit a support ticket with "Bespoke Label Quote" as the subject line.
  2. Include your preferred material in the message.
  3. Attach the PDF you just generated.

About bespoke Label Size Orders

  • There is a one-time setup fee starting at £74.95
  • Orders are created and dispatched in 5-7 business days
  • There is a minimum order quantity of 100 sheets
Please read our bespoke label sizes policy for information regarding returns.

This browser's PDF viewer may auto-scale your image during printing. For best results, we recommend printing your PDF in Adobe Reader.