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Water / Wine / Champagne Bottle Labels

Customise all of your wedding favour bottles.

Invitation / Mailing / Address Labels

Personalise your wedding invitations or thank you notes with printed address and return address labels.

Candle Favour Labels

Brighten up your party favours with personalised wedding candles.

CD Labels / DVD Labels

Make your memories last with a customised CD or DVD of the ceremony, party, or weekend.

Candy Labels

Sweeten your wedding weekend with Hershey's Kisses / Nuggets / Miniatures labels.

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Affordable Wedding Favour Ideas understands the importance of staying on budget without compromising your perfect day. The selection of A4 blank wedding favour labels above can be customised to add a personal touch to your wedding. We offer a variety of label configurations that are perfect for candy favours, CDs/DVDs, invitations, water bottles, wine, and more. In addition, we also provide free label design tools and pre-designed templates that will give your labels a professional look.

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