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Home Articles 3 Easy Ways to Get Your Business Holiday-Ready with Labels

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Business Holiday-Ready with Labels

Updated 11/05/2020
Prepping your small business for the holidays

1. Using a Branded Label on your Packaging

Capturing your new customers and turning them into repeat customers is the best way to turn your holiday sales surge into constant business the next year. There are plenty of ways you can use labels to deliver your message. If you are shipping packages, put a label with instructions on how to easily order more. Include an easy URL they can follow and social icons to let them know they can follow you online! Social media is a perfect place to stay top-of-mind with your customers. You can use Maestro Label Designer to get started with your labels.

2. Make Your Order Process Seamless

One of the easiest ways to streamline your order process is by eliminating room for questions and error from users. By making a clear and easy process from beginning to end, it will minimize questions and help you get more orders out. You should also print and label your packages at home, so shipping out your orders goes as quickly as possible. You can browse our selection of labels that work perfectly for shipping packages to get started.

3. Order the Right Label Size

If you're ordering in bulk, making sure you get the exact label size you need is important. Use our free printable ruler to measure your products and packages, then use our Shop by Size tool to see all of the labels we offer for your measurements. You can also check out our tutorial that lets you know exactly how to find the perfect measurements.

Those are just some of our favourite label tips to get you ready for the busy season. Learn more about holiday preparations business owners can make leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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