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Benefits of Gloss Labels

Updated 10/29/2020
Why you should use gloss labels for product packaging and more

Why are gloss labels so popular? What's the best way to use them? Can they really make your product stand out? Keep reading to find out more about the glossy finish, white and clear gloss labels, and best practices.

Benefits of Gloss Finish

Custom wine bottle label with white gloss finish

Reflect on gloss in other contexts: car paint, lipsticks, nail polish. In general, gloss is brighter, more vibrant, and, of course, shinier. It reflects light that graces its surface, drawing in the eye. The high-contrast effect it creates makes darks darker and lights lighter. Because of that, a gloss finish is ideal for colourful photographs and images with small details. It makes colours and pictures truly pop while communicating a sense of sophistication and value with its shine.

Benefits of Gloss Labels

Custom beer bottles using clear gloss labels

Apply that same logic to labels. You want your products to catch the eye of consumers, for your brand colours to jump off the page, and for your product to be seen as highly professional and polished. Glossy labels are your answer. They're smooth to the touch and premium-grade. For clear gloss labels, they even give your product a sleek and clean "no label look," comparable to printing directly on the surface. They provide fantastic visual appeal for an affordable pricetag.

They're printable from any inkjet or laser printer and capable of producing the same high-quality results you would expect from commercial printers. The glossy facestock is also better at holding ink for a long-lasting and smudge-free label.

Container Considerations

Comparison of gloss and matt labels on tin containers

Be sure to take into account what your product's container or packaging looks like. Instead of complementing a matt container, a gloss label will actually cancel out the matt finish. You want them to match — gloss labels look best on bottles and jars that are as shiny and reflective as they are.

Gloss labels will give your product a sophisticated look, better image contrast, and a luminous and incandescent feel. View our full gloss label product line to get started. Each option is made from premium-quality materials for use with metal, plastic, glass, and more.

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