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Label Experts Discuss Best Candle Labels & Packaging

Updated 10/29/2020

The candle industry is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5%. With this upwards momentum, new candle entrepreneurs are entering the marketplace every day and existing sellers are looking for tactics to stand out. If you're looking for candle label and packaging inspiration, catch our label experts in the video above or read more commentary below.

865 Candle Company

865 Candle Company products

865 Candle Company was founded in March 2018 in Knoxville, TN by Anjannette & Torrie Dreier. One of their goals is to offer an array of generously scented candles that light up customers' lives. They use premium, eco-friendly ingredients designed to inspire your senses with persuasive aromas.

One of the things we love about their branding is the consistency across the different jar and container types. You can tell from product-to-product that they're all one brand – the labels use the same design and even the same shapes and sizes when applicable.

Another thing we like about their packaging is how they hand-date their candles. It really adds to the handmade feel they're going for yet still gives off a very professional appearance.

Lastly, we want to comment on how well their information stands out on this matt white label. They have a nice distressed design going and it works!

You can tell from the packaging and labelling by 865 Candle Company that these are high-quality products. Check out their website or visit them on social media for more product shots.

Sand Lake Candle

Sand Lake Candle products

Sand Lake Candle sells homemade soy candles with amazing scents out of Sand Lake, New York.

They have another very professional-looking candle label, but theirs has a more simplistic design in comparison to 865 Candle Company. Their minimal design is really complemented by the brown kraft label they chose. It stands out against the white candle really well and matches the brass top of the jar.

It looks good on tin, too, which is a question we get a lot. Brown kraft is incredibly versatile and we think Sand Lake Candle does a great job using it across their product line. Visit their website or social media account to catch more of their unique scents and consistent branding.

Sawdust & Embers Apothecary

Sawdust & Embers Apothecary products

John Marquez started his bespoke scented goods shop, Sawdust & Embers, in 2016. Today, they have eight unique scents in a variety of container types.

One of the things we like about Sawdust & Embers is that they have one consistent brand while maintaining different candle collections. With both products featured above, they're actually using two labels. For the main collection (left), they're using a label on the lid and a full-wraparound label on the tin. For their Skulls in the City line, they have one label on the amber jar and another around the top and sides of the box.

All four labels use a nice big font and large branding. Their logo is clearly visible on every label and you can tell each product comes from the same company.

We'd like to draw attention to the label material choice used on the left product – their candle label design is printed on a weatherproof label. Because this is their travel tin, it helps with heavy use - putting it in and out of your bag - and holds up for long-lasting brand recognition.

See how Sawdust & Embers continues their branding across a line of apparel and check out more of their product labels by visiting their website or social media.

Get started creating your own custom candle packaging. Or, find more inspiration in our Customer Ideas gallery. Questions? Our customer service team is happy to help you find the right labels for your project. Call us today at 0203 051 9664.

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