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Branding Your Small Business Shopping Bags

Updated 11/09/2020
Why your business needs logo'd purchase bags

Every business is looking for exposure, customers that come back time and time again, and a successful year. This process all begins with the branding of a business.

There are multiple ways to advertise a business and to get the word out that there's a new shop in town. Advertising and branding a business can easily be achieved by creating labels to stick on shopping bags that customers carry out after a purchase.

Branded shopping bags for small business purchases

As customers buy their favorite products from a store, a business can send them off in branding style with a bag that displays the store's logo and name. But having bags printed with the business name can become pricey.

Instead, create logo stickers using Maestro Label Designer. You can stick them on your bags immediately and move on to your next big project.

Sticker sheets printed with your company's logo

Why labels? Labels give the same professional look, help with exposure, and they're a fraction of the cost. How can you go wrong?

Another perk of using labels on shopping bags, is that you never have to wait on another shipment to arrive if you suddenly run out. Instead of sending customers off with blank bags, buy in bulk and never miss out on a single day of advertising your business!

How to label bags of varying sizes and shapes

As you can see above, labels can be created for small, medium, and large bags. With the abundance of labels that Online Labels offers, there are also shapes and styles to choose from. I went with a classic, rectangular design for my particular bags.

Labels For Small Bags

Logo'd bags for small purchases

For the smaller bags, EU30037WX labels might be a better fit.

Labels For Large Bags

Logo'd bags for large purchases

With larger bags, you'll need bigger labels. I still used a rectangular shape but in a slightly larger size. The EU30086WX labels might work best when displaying a business name and logo.

Logo stickers on bags for boutique store and small business purchases

If you're ready to start branding your business purchase bags with labels, make sure to check out the assortment of labels that Online Labels has to offer. This is a great way to get the word out about your business while adding a professional touch to your customer experience.

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