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Home Articles What’s The Difference Between US Letter and A4 Paper Sheets?

What’s The Difference Between US Letter and A4 Paper Sheets?

Updated 06/18/2020
A4 labels sheets vs US letter

The image above showcases the two sheet sizes side-by-side in both millimetres and inches. The two are very similar in visually, though you'll notice that the US Letter is wider whereas A4 sheets are longer.

US Letter paper has a width of 215.9 mm with a length of 279.4 mm. US Letter is defined by the ANSI and used throughout North & South America. It is the standard copy paper sheet and can be used in most home and office printers.

A4 sheets have a width of 210 mm and a length of 297 mm. A4 paper size sheets are part of the ISO 216 system that has been internationally adopted. The size is printable in most common home and office printers and has become the standard copy paper sheet.

Printing Labels On US Letter & A4 Sheets

This difference may seem minuscule, but it can cause major headaches when trying to print something formatted as US Letter. To help make your designs print easily on A4 paper, we recommend downloading our blank label templates or using our exclusive label design software, Maestro Label Designer. This will ensure your labels will print in an A4 format.

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