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Home Articles Getting Your Beer Label Designs to Stand Out On The Shelf

Getting Your Beer Label Designs to Stand Out On The Shelf

Updated 10/29/2020
Tips for creating stand-out beer labels

Most beer drinkers already have their favorite brands in mind when they go to the store. But you have the power to turn off their autopilot by creating a beer label they can't help but notice. Designing a great label for your craft brew is easier than you think. Follow these steps to design a beer label that will sell itself.

See What's Trending

Look into popular design trends that are currently hitting the homebrew market. Take advantage by evaluating top sellers — improve on their style or do the complete opposite! Vintage designs are always a popular design trend for beer labels. Large and small breweries alike enjoy adding a classic look to their beers with a label that calls back the good old days. No one said your brewery has to be 100 years old to capitalise on this label design technique.

Do Some Soul Searching

The label is your chance to tell beer drinkers what to expect, so know what that is. Ask the brewer to describe the product, then ask friends and bartenders for their impressions and a description of the taste.

Summer beer bottle label

Add Personality

Address the question, "why does this beer exist?" People like it when their brand tells a story. Don't be afraid to do so with imagery, illustrations, typography, or through the colour palette. If you plan on selling different flavors, make buying each one its own experience. Giving character to the different kinds of beer you make will inspire customers to try them all.

Channel Your Target Audience

Identify your ideal crowd and design a label to connect with that audience. Make sure your design reflects what's important to them. If you want your brand to be synonymous with a "cooler" beer, target that crowd with a modern label.

Be Consistent

If you want people to recognise your brand immediately, stay consistent with your theme. If you plan on individualizing your beer label design to vary by flavor, double check that it still adheres to your main branding choices.

Your label will be the drinker's first introduction to your product. Leave a good first impression. Online Labels UK has the beer bottle label sizes, materials, and pre-designed templates you need to get started.

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