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A4 Labels 1 Per Sheet

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Shop high-quality A4 sheets with one blank label.
Find the right 1-up label configuration for your project or product.
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Full Sheet A4 Labels, 1 Label Per Sheet offers A4 labels with one label per sheet (also called full sheet or 1-up labels). Choose from dozens of label materials including colours, fluorescents, metallics, high gloss, matt, clear, waterproof, and more. Our 1-up labels are great for crafting, scrapbooking, and making your own stickers.

In addition to the highest quality blank A4 labels, every order includes access to our premier label design software, Maestro Label Designer, and complimentary blank and pre-designed label templates. Maestro Label Designer and our A4 label templates make it easy to label anything.

What's a back slit?

A back slit is a cut made to the liner sheet of the label (the piece you peel off and discard when you're ready to apply). Without back slits, full sheet labels can be challenging to peel. That's because there's no easy spot to begin separating the label from its liner. Adding a back slit creates a separation access point, thus making it easier to peel. This can speed up the application process and help minimize damage to the label's integrity.

The most popular full sheet label with a back slit is EU30001. This has one back slit on the liner. Full sheet labels without back slits are often referred to as sticker paper. Our sticker paper product is EU30165. Shop sticker paper.