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Lip Balm Tube Labels

Apply this tamper-evident lip balm label over the seal of your lip balm tube to create professional lip balm labels.

Lip Balm Tube Lid Labels

Add important information to the lid of your tube, like lip balm scent or flavor.

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DIY Lip Balm Labels

Create professional-looking lip balm labels for your event, hobby, online store, or retail shop. Print your company logo, flavor descriptions, ingredients, and more for a label that stands out. Plus, our safety seal lip balm labels are perforated for extra security and freshness.

When it comes to choosing a material, try our laser-printable or weatherproof materials with your lip balm containers. They offer stronger resistance to heavy-handling so your design will stay in tact longer. Our weatherproof materials also feature a more durable adhesive, so the labels will stay wrapped around your tube without fail.

Lip balm labels can be great as:

  • Wedding, bachelorette, baby shower favors
  • Promotional, giveaway items
  • Holiday gifts
  • Retail products

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