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Choosing the Perfect Beer Bottle Labels

Updated 10/29/2020
Styles and types of beer bottle labels

Which sense is more powerful – taste or sight? For beer, taste may keep customers coming back, but sight is what drew them to the brew in first place. Take a look around next time you walk through the beer aisle at your local grocery store. While you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices, did you ever notice that they all have their unique label styles?

We're not talking colour or design, we're talking about the shape and size of the label itself — the beautiful, blank canvas at your disposal. But don't let that intimidate you, think of it like the blank slate that led you to your special beer recipe. Much like your decision to choose to brew an IPA, stout, or pilsner, you can choose this, too. In this article, we share the best options for labeling your home-brewed beer and provide tips from our experts on how to use each one effectively.

Beer Label Styles

There's more to labels for beer bottles than one might consider. Do you want it to wrap from front to back or just be front-facing? Will it have a neck so it's identifiable in a six pack or does the one label speak for itself? Below are a variety of label styles you can choose from when dreaming up the perfect beer bottle label.

Full Wrap Beer Bottle Labels

Full Wrap Beer Bottle Labels

A wraparound beer bottle label is a large rectangular label that wraps entirely around the surface of your beer bottle. These are perfect if you have an elaborate design to showcase or lot of information to incorporate. Struggling with what information to include? List the ingredients, include a detailed taste profile, describe what inspired the beer, or dive into the story of how you got into brewing.

Half Wrap Beer Bottle Labels

Half Wrap Beer Bottle Labels

Are you more of a short-and-to-the-point person? A half wrap beer label has the perfect amount of room for your logo and the information required by law. By only covering one portion of the bottle, you're also letting your product shine through. Let consumers see the rich colour of your homebrew and save yourself the ink that comes with printing the entire circumference.

Beer Label Shapes

Square, circle, trophy, oh my! We have a variety of beer bottle label shapes available, from traditional to specialty. See how each one affects consumers differently and how you can get shapes to talk to your consumers in a way you never expected.

Square Labels and Rectangle Labels

Rounded vs. Square Corner Beer Bottle Labels

Square and rectangular labels are the most common label shapes available – they're traditional, comfortable, and standard. If your beer fits that bill, then square is your man. Pay special attention to the corners, however. Whether your label has squared edges or rounded ones is another subliminal cue to consumers.

Square Corners

Squared off edges, also known as cusps, subconsciously evoke feelings of power, stability, and strength. If your beer has a strong flavor, or you want it to make your audience feel tough when drinking it, square shaped labels and labels with square corners may help you convey that message.

Rounded Corners

The stability and reliability that squares and rectangles generate are balanced by the sense of innovation and softness of rounded corners in these instances. If your beer is light or fruity, a square or rectangular label with curved corners could make that intuitive to your consumers, drawing them to pick up the bottle.

Circle Labels and Oval Labels

Circular Beer Bottle Labels

Most notably, circles are timeless, never-ending, and unified. Circles are often paled in use by squares and rectangles making them a great alternative if you're looking to make a point (ahh, the irony). If your beer has a flavor that sticks with the drinker, is a blend of flavors, or is a breath of fresh air, let shoppers know with a round label.

Additional Label Shapes

Marquee Beer Bottle Label

If standard isn't your style, Online Labels UK accepts orders for bespoke shape and size labels. Let your creativity run wild — dream up something abstract, add an extra little detail, play with the standard symmetrical format, or simply just modify the dimensions of a standard label. Not sure what you have in mind just yet? Browse bespoke labels we've already created or talk with our label experts about your idea.

Beer Label Materials

Once you have selected the perfect beer label style and shape, it's time to pick which label material will make the cut. Because beer is traditionally kept cold, whether it's refrigerated or on ice, we typically recommend using one of our weatherproof label materials.

Weatherproof White Laser Labels

A matt finish can be more formal, subdued, or classic. If you're printing beer labels on a laser printer, this finish is extremely durable. It utilises one of the strongest adhesives we offer and is designed to withstand moisture and repel water. There's no doubt that your design will look great on one of these labels.

Weatherproof Gloss Laser

This glossy finish is ideal for showcasing vibrant colours and can help your design appear crisp and sharp. It offers extreme water resistance and won't tear easily because of its durable material. If you have a laser printer at home, this option will make your bottles shine.

Gloss Clear Laser Labels

If you have a really rich coloured beer or a coloured bottle, choose our clear labels for laser printers. They're high-shine and prevent smearing and smudging to really let your product speak for itself. It also offers extra-strong adhesive for sticking to glass, metal, or aluminium.

Matt Clear Laser

For an elegant or decorative look, go with matt clear labels. These frosted labels are designed for laser printers and can withstand both water and cold temperatures. Created with permanent adhesive, your label won't get left behind in the cooler.

Give your homebrew some shelf appeal. Browse our pre-designed beer bottle label templates or help get your beer label to pop! Before you know it, your custom beer bottle labels, and the bottles they're attached to, will be flying off the shelves.

Not sure about doing it yourself? Our label experts are ready to help you print the perfect bottle labels! Get some help.

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